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Cathedral Circle

Cathedral Circle

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Cathedral Circle Cathedral Circle
Cathedral Circle 1.8Cathedral Circle 1.8Cathedral Circle 2.56Cathedral Circle 2.56Cathedral Circle 3.48Cathedral Circle 3.48


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Product Description

Has a distinct rough-hewn texture. Available in 3 sizes and our kits contain all the stones you need to create a full circle design. Can also be squared off using our corner infill sets.

4 infill corners are required to square off the complete circle. R3 Corner Infills square off the circle to make a 1.8×1.8m square. R4 Corner Infills square off the circle to make a 3x3m square. R5 Corner Infills square off the circle to make a 3.6×3.6m square

Please Note: All deliveries will incur a delivery charge. Please inquire with branch for details. 

Additional Information

Sizes mm

R1 600mm dia., R2 1200mm dia., R3 1800mm dia., R3 Corner Infills, R4 2560mm dia., R4 Corner Infills, R5 3480mm dia., R5 Corner Infills, Corner Infil 1.8m, Corner Infil 2.56m, Corner Infil 3.48m


Barley, Weathered Moss, Weathered York

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