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Ever since the first King Acre Landscaping Centre was established in 1999, the ethos has very much remained the same; to create a hard landscaping franchise across the country by attracting new customers through the addition of high quality landscaping supplies supported by a clear point of sale material, product specific marketing campaigns and most essentially dedicated, knowledgeable staff. This clearly is the case today and this is demonstrated by the vast amount of products offered by King Acre Landscaping Centres. This article will inform you about the range of products that we offer here at King Acre and to ensure that all of your hard landscaping requirements are met. If you are interested in finding out more about hard landscaping or any of the products that we offer then do not hesitate to come visit us today or call: 01179 679 056 Landscaping and Driveway Suppliers in Bristol King Acre Landscaping Centres boast a vast range of incredibly intricate and high quality landscaping and driveway supplies including paving slabs, patio packs, stepping stones, walling and edging copings. All of these supplies are wonderful due to the fact that they can really enhance and improve any garden design. Edging copings for example a a great feature to implement with flower arrangements due to the fact that they bring clarity to these arrangements and also mark them out in the garden area, ensuring that they will not be damaged accidentally. Stepping stones also serve to bring clarity to your garden design but they also offer practical advantages such as allowing you to walk around your garden safely and barefoot. Our paving slabs are also incredibly easy to install especially when installing our patio packs. Due to the fact that these are pre created and are not individual slabs, these products are advantageous due to the fact that they are much easier to install. This appeals to the more prospective landscaper and therefore can help you create the garden design that you want by yourself! The possibilities are endless with our rich range of landscaping and driveway supplies. Decorative Aggregates & Rockery Features Aggregates are an incredibly useful due to the fact that they have a wide range of uses in any amount. A vast amount of decorative aggregate can be used to decorate a large expanse of open area in your garden. The implementation of decorative aggregates in this regard has many advantages on its own, grass can be removed and replaced with aggregate which is much easier to weed if weeds begin to grow underneath the covered area. Rockery stones are very pond friendly and will attract a vast amount of interesting creatures to your pond area. They are also extremely fish friendly due to the fact that sharper stones may injure your pets. Our rocks are smooth and polished eliminating this risk. If you have aggregates left over they can also be used in a wide range of applications such as decorating plant pots or being scattered in other areas of the garden to bolster the aesthetic of that particular area. This product has such a wide range of applications and is an incredibly useful tool in any landscaping project, big or small. Other Essential Landscaping Products There are other essential landscaping products that we also offer here at the King Acre Landscaping Centre in Bristol. Our cleaning products are very useful in ensuring that your paving stones stay clean and tidy. Our jointing compounds, sealers and additives can also ensure that you can carry out landscaping projects without being a professional. These products are easy to apply and defend your patio or paving blocks from damage caused by temperature variation which can cause cracking to stone work. Our timber and fencing products are also diverse and appealing. We offer a range of timber products such as decking boards, fence panels (which you can read more about here,) met posts and wooden / concrete posts. This products will allow you to finalise your garden design by creating designated areas within your garden space, adding clarity and professionalism to your garden. If you are interested in finding out about our ethos, product range or if you are looking for landscaping tips then do not hesitate to come on down to the King Acre Landscaping Centre in Bristol today or call: 01179 679 056

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